At St Peter the Apostle High School, our aim is to encourage the development of the personality, talents and mental and physical abilities of the young person to their fullest potential.

We aim to help all students to achieve their full potential in each aspect of their development - academic, spiritual, personal, social and emotional.

Our values are placed firmly in the Gospel values of our faith.  The Catholic school is where children experience, live and enjoy their faith.

Our vision is of a school that is -

  • a community of faith, working with parents and parishes
  • of learning
  • of partnership and participation, with shared values that focus on learning and teaching, with collective responsibility for the learning of all pupils; partnership with pupils, parents, staff
  • comprehensive and inclusive:  where all pupils' needs are catered for; where we increase opportunities and decrease barriers
  • one which treats all children equally and where inclusion is an active, positive aspect of the school
  • one where we develop fully the potential of staff, pupils and parents
  • ambitious and responsible, with a drive to improve, change, develop and innovate
  • dedicated to continuous improvement for all, pursuing the highest standards in every aspect of education - academic, social, physical and spiritual
  • accountable, where we diagnose our own needs, priorities, targets and performance
  • collegiate, where there is a collective commitment to continuous development and improvement