Home Economics


  • Mrs Murray (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mrs Daly
  • Mrs Dunn
  • Miss Lewis
  • Miss Morrison

Courses offered:

  • S1 BGE
  • S2 BGE
  • S3 BGE
  • National 5 and Higher Health & Food Technology 
  • National 5 Fashion and Textile Technology
  • National 5 Early Learning and Childcare
  • National 5 Practical Cake Craft
  • National 5 Practical Cookery

Futurechef  Competition

The FutureChef school heats will be held in the Home Economics Department. Pupils have to develop an idea for a hot main course for two people within a budget a £5 budget, all to be made and served within one hour.

Our budding chefs will come up with the recipes on their own, and have to calculate the cost of each ingredient to make sure they were within budget.

Watch this space for dates and further information on FutureChef.


Annual MacMillan Coffee Morning

Our annual MacMillan coffee is always a huge success. Our next coffee morning is on Thursday the 16th of June. Thank you in advanced for the continued support.

How it will work:

The Home Economics department will bake a selection of cakes that will serve five (5) people. The selection of cakes will then be put into cake boxes where they can be collected from my classroom E0.04 (Home Economic department) at interval on Thursday 16th of June. We have a zero waste policy so orders MUST be placed in advance see order form below.

Our S3 pupils have designed, taste tested and adapted these recipes. However, to ensure quality control and for hygiene reasons the Home Economic staff will be baking the final products.  

 Each box will cost £5, all money raised will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

National 5 Fashion and Textile Technology

Congratulations to our S5/6 class of 2022 who completed their final Practical Assignment of a Pleated Bag.

National 4/5 Practical Cookery

Congratulations to our N4/5 Practical Cookery pupils who successfully completed their Final Practical Assignments. National 4 pupils prepared and made a two course meal, with National 5 pupils preparing a three course meal. Well done to all involved!