In Saint Peter the Apostle High School, our Curriculum for Excellence Steering Group comprises 22 staff from a wide range of curriculum areas and with a significant range of expertise and experience.  Established at the start of the session, the group meets regularly (at least once a month) to take a strategic view of how Curriculum for Excellence is becoming embedded in our school community.

Working to overtake the targets outlined in our school improvement plan, the group has sub-divided into a number of focus groups including: -

  • Interdisciplinary Learning

  • Literacy Across Learning

  • Numeracy Across Learning

  • Health and Wellbeing Across Learning

  • Wider Achievement

  • Primary Transition Group

  • Publicity Group

These focus groups comprise a further range of colleagues across departments who are not Steering Group members but who have a particular interest and/ or expertise in the work of specific focus groups.  Since August 2009, our focus groups have undertaken a range of ambitious projects to ensure that our school community develops confidently towards the full implementation of Curriculum for Excellence.

Linda Booth