Art and Design Department

Our recent Creative Industries Event brought professionals from Art and Design,Radio, Film, and Music to our school for an exciting and informative morning of video, discussion and question and answer sessions.

Guest speakers included Graphic Designers, Architects, Visual Artists, Radio Clyde Producer Ryan Gallacher and local Film Director Douglas King.  Insightful talks were also provided by actors,musicians, photographers, copy writers, and creative writers, all working professionally in the Creative Industries.
Pupils had the opportunity to ask questions about gaining entry to courses at universities and colleges, and learned about working in many varied Creative Careers.

Fringe Festival Winner!

Orla Henaghen in S2 has been selected from 5000 entrants to provide artwork which will be used at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival.

The 70th year anniversary is a special occasion and Orla’s work will feature as one of three front covers for the official programme.  With almost 400,000 copies of the programme currently in production this is a big achievement for both Orla and the school, as the poster will be seen by thousands of visitors at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. 

Our school will receive a prize of £250 cash and an exclusive workshop with a contemporary artist will allow us to continue to promote the expressive arts and motivate our young people.  

Orla’s success is a testament to the excellent work in the art department and her class teacher Miss Dominick in particular.

We would like to congratulate Orla and thank her for her outstanding contribution.

Teachers of Art and Design

Mr Corcoran (Subject Leader)
Ms Robertson
Ms Smith
Ms Dominick

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National 4, 5 and 6

The Deadline for National 4/5  and HigherDesign work is the week beginning Monday 11 December 2017.

Pupils should note that Assessment Deadlines must be met on time in order to pass in each unit. 

The S1/2 course is designed to give all pupils the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the visual arts. 

A career in Art and Design can include graphic design.  Graphic designers are most sought after by publishing houses and advertising firms.  Have you taken a closer look at the amazing designs of the latest fashion magazine or have you studied the latest concepts used in advertising?  If this is your area of interest then this can be a very lucrative career option in the field of art.  You can be a fabulous animator, illustrator for a top-notch magazine, a graphic designer in an advertising firm or even a website designer creating new and sleek designs to project the right image of the company.  This is not all for designers who are beginning their career in the field of art; you can even try your had in films and television, creating extravagant backdrops for a film scene.  Another trend right now is designing computer and mobile games and an excellent skill in cartooning can gain you an excellent job with a game-designing company in Scotland.  If fashion is your passion and if you can sketch with ease with a great sense of colour and style, then you can even go towards fashion designing and begin a career in costume design.   Fashion design is fast gaining ground as a lucrative career and if you get the right break you can be catapulted on the runway to success.

A career in Art and Design also means you can explore new avenues in landscape design, interior design, set design and even in teaching.  There are numerous opportunities for young people who take the first step by opting for Art and Design in S3:

          Advertising                                              Engineering                                             Hairdressing

          Graphic Design                                   Animation/Cartooning                                        Fine Art

         Web Design                                             Interior Design                                        Jewellery Design

      Video Game Design                                       Photography                                           Textile Design

        Fashion Design                                             Architect                                             Product Design

      Landscape Design                                         Art Therapist                                             Illustrator

By choosing to study Higher Photography in either S5 or S6, you can open the door to possible careers in the following areas:

  Press and Media         Medical and Forensics          Fashion             Weddings              Product               Advertising

         The Armed Forces                     Portraiture                     Art Photography                     The Leisure Industry