Homework 1

Go to www.myworldofwork.co.uk and look at the Strengths and Skills section that you completed in the Me, Myself and I unit.

  1. Write a list of your top five Strengths/Skills
  2. Answer the following scenario question in 50 to 100 words in your jotter:

You are working on a market stall selling hot cakes. The are selling fast at £1.25 each or three for £3. It’s snowing and everyone is cold. One member of staff hasn’t shown up. You have ran out of change. You have a huge crowd all waving money at you. The oven needs to be emptied of freshly warmed cakes and then refilled but the customers are waiting. What do you do? How do you use your strengths and skills to handle the situation?



For Question 1 Simply use myworldofwork.co.uk

Go to All About me

Pick your top five Strengths and Skills from those that you have already picked


Put your work in a sentence like this:

My top five skills and strengths are: I have Curisity, I am a responsbile person, I'm good at explaining things, I'm accurate and I can cope with pressure.


For question 2 there is no tips as it is a test of your problem solving ability and your creative ideas.


Homework 2

Start to consider your franchised event. Come up with your top three ideas for lesson 5.


Links for inspiration:



Fundraising Ideas For Christmas Fairs - Unique Fundraisers


All the best Festive Fundraising Ideas For Christmas Fairs! Brilliant ideas for school, church and charity christmas fundraisers


An Alternative Christmas Market - Funzing


Discover things to do in London: An Alternative Christmas Market on Funzing



Homework 3

Write down three potential names for your business.



  • Consider the type of product you are selling
  • Think of something that represents a Christmas mood or feeling
  • Try to be original
  • Don’t copy business names that already exist
  • Choose a name that is interesting but easy to understand
  • Try merging two Christmas words together