Mental Health and Wellbeing Support – Pupils and Parents/Guardians

We have made updates to our HWB website that have a COVID-19 and Mental Health focus.

Updates include the following:

1 - NHS Mental Health Support - This page contains videoed presentations of NHS lesson materials of Mental Health. It also provides top tips for children and young people for mental health support and a forwarding link to NHS Every Mind Matters support page.

2 - A Mental Health Support page for Pupils - A page containing links to videos re. Anxiety, Mental Health, etc.

3 - A Mental Health Support page for Parents - A page containing links to videos re. Anxiety, Mental Health etc. This page also contains several related links including how to help your child during COVID-19.

4 -  Importance of good sleep - a poster highlighting 6 benefits of good sleep.

5 - 10 tips for better sleep - a poster highlighting 10 steps for better sleep.

6 - 50 things to do with a bored teenager - 50 ideas as an alternative to screen time.

Please visit and use the COVID-19 support tab.

Take care of yourselves.


Hi Everyone  

Hope you and your families are well.  

The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) has put together a web page with information, links and resources to support mental health and wellbeing during this challenging time.

The link is:

 In addition, the following link has been highlighted also: 

· SAMH’s “5 Ways to Better Wellbeing” - a useful tool when thinking about simple changes everyone can make to feel more mentally healthy

Please also share these with whomever you feel may benefit from them.

Mr Allan

Teacher of PE / PT Health and Wellbeing