Focus for the Week

How to be a Successful Learner

19th March 2018

Morning Prayer

We come to you Lord, to be built into a spiritual house

Founded on the rock of St Peter’s faith

May we prepare or minds for action and carefully examine

The life and teachings of Christ, your Son

So that our community may proclaim the mighty acts of Jesus Christ

And love each other with all our hearts

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen


There is no reason why every pupil in our school cannot be a successful learner. You all have different abilities and strengths, but you can all achieve success if you really give of your very best at all times.

  • Success is not just about academic ability: it is more about how much enthusiasm and motivation you can bring to your studies.


  • Success is about how determined you are to reach the highest standards of achievement: it is about having enough pride in your own personal performance to make sure you never let yourself down: it is about having respect for yourself and others.


  • Success is about ambition and having goals and targets: it is about not giving up when things get a bit difficult: it is about having the right, positive attitude to your work in school.


  • Success is about having confidence in your own abilities; it is about thinking for yourself, being independent and creative, about being open to new ideas and thinking: it is about making your own informed decisions and choices.


  • Success is about being able to communicate and work with others as part of a team.


  • Success is about listening to the advice of teachers who have experience of achieving success for pupils over a number of years. You would not doubt the advice of a doctor, or an electrician, or a driving instructor – do not question the advice of teachers who have your best interests at heart,


Every pupil in St Peter the Apostle High School has the ability to meet these standards and teachers will do everything they can to help you.  However, you are the one with the power:  you alone can decide if you want to become a successful learner.