Focus for the Week

Respect for others and ourselves

28th May 2018

Morning Prayer

We come to you Lord, to be built into a spiritual house

Founded on the rock of St Peter’s faith

May we prepare or minds for action and carefully examine

The life and teachings of Christ, your Son

So that our community may proclaim the mighty acts of Jesus Christ

And love each other with all our hearts

We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen


Recently, a number of visitors to the school have said very nice things about the behaviour and attitude of pupils. It is always nice when people from outside the school say positive things about us. A good ethos in a school ultimately depends on the quality of relationships between staff and pupils – and this relationship must be based on mutual respect. Respect, in the form of treating others as we would like to be treated, is one of the core Christian values of our school.

We can show respect in a number of simple ways:


  • by demonstrating your best manners at all times
  • by saying please / thank you / may I / pardon
  • by addressing others in the appropriate way : Miss / Mrs / Mr / Sir / first name
  • by respecting the right of pupils to learn and teachers to teach


Showing respect to others is obviously important: but it is equally important to develop a respect for yourself. How can you do this? The easiest way to develop self-respect is to give of your best all the time. If you can say to yourself at the end of every day that you have tried your very best –in class, with your homework, with your relationships, with your family then your own sense of self value and esteem will grow and your confidence will improve. Every one of us has great ability and we owe it to ourselves, and to God, to develop this ability to the full. Having respect for others and yourself is a good starting point.

Lord, I pray today and commit myself to be loving and understanding in all that I do,

and to be generous in giving of myself without expecting anything in return.

I pray and commit myself to have an attitude of respect for each and every person,

treating everyone as the equals that they are.

All that I am determined to be, Lord, I ask for the power of your Spirit to enable me to be.