COP Climate Change Champions

Clydebank Pupils get Chile reception 6th October 2021  

A group of young people from Clydebank have connected with students from South America to discuss climate change issues ahead of the COP26 conference being held in Glasgow next month.  

Pupils from St Peter the Apostle High School in Clydebank who are a part of the Climate Change committee connected with students from Santiago, Chile via video call to discuss local and international climate issues impacting their lives.  

The students from Chile presented four local projects they were undertaking to tackle climate change, from dealing with odours in landfill sites to the recycling and repurposing of plastic bottles. The climate change group at St Peter the Apostle will present their own eco policies later this month.  

Carol Feeney, Curricular leader of Social Subjects at St Peter the Apostle High School was delighted to make the connection:  

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our youngsters here in Clydebank to connect with people the same age as them halfway across the world. Climate change is a global issue and in the run up to COP26 having a chance to hear the experiences of young people from South America is priceless and will really inspire the work of our own group here in Clydebank”  

Abby Coote, one of the S5 pupils who was on the meeting was surprised by the similar problems both countries face:  

“It was really eye opening to hear about some of the problems young people in Chile are facing. Many of their issues are similar to our own, like what to do with plastic bottles and the problems of rubbish dumps. We are all in this together and it has made me determined to work hard with our group in the school to help reduce our carbon footprint.”    

Both schools are working with the University of Glasgow and their interactions and discussions will be presented at the COP26 conference in November

Below, you will find some pictures from the event: