Important message from the British Transport Police:

Since the start of 2021 there has been a significant increase in the number of high school age youths travelling on trains, gathering at stations and include those who have been involved in various incidents of Trespass, and Anti-Social Behaviour. These persons are risking their lives by Trespassing at stations where non-stop services pass through at high speed. The railway environment is a dangerous place where you can easily slip or trip whilst you attention may not be on approaching trains. Incidents of youths holding onto moving trains are also increasing which again is very dangerous with the high risk of getting caught by the train and falling down between the platform and carriages onto the tracks whilst the train is moving. One report listed in the area recently was categorised as a “Near Miss” whereby the train driver has had to apply the emergency brakes to avoid hitting the youths on the tracks.  


This type of behaviour which is sometimes aggravated by alcohol consumption will more often than not end up with serious life changing injuries if not fatally injured. These incidents not only impact on the individual, but also their family, friends and those who may witness the incident. All stations are covered by CCTV and if any ASB is identified police will be called. Please think about your actions and those of others.