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The following courses are available to the residents of the Clydebank area. Courses are FREE to all residents  (although where we are oversubscribed, priority will be given to learners from low income households).   All courses are approx. two and a half  hours per week for 13 – 16 weeks  and are delivered in partnership with West College Scotland.  Learners are then supported to progress onto further community learning or more formal learning. 

Course overview:

 Introduction to Vehicle Maintenance

Suitable for beginners, this course runs from Jan to May.  Learners will learn the basics of car maintenance.  As well as the basics, learners will be encouraged to suggest areas of car maintenance to be looked at in class.  Perhaps they have an issue with their own vehicle and would like to know more. The new skills you learn on this course could save you money on routine vehicle maintenance tasks or even lead to a new career!  This course is not certified, however, plans are already in place for the group  to take on some SQA units after this  introduction, which would start in August next year.


Psychology (Social Behaviour)

This course will introduce you to the various types of social behaviour.  You will gain some knowledge of psychological theory and then use that knowledge to explain one of these topics, to be agreed as a group with your lecturer:

Conformity;  altruism; aggression; propaganda and persuasion; non-verbal behaviour; prejudice; interpersonal attraction or another suitable topic which meets the criteria. 


Sewing – Item Development

On this course, the aim is to explore ways that we could reduce clothing waste by altering and repurposing knitted garments.  You will agree on a project with your lecturer and produce a recycled/ repurposed item of clothing.  This will involve the use of a sewing machine and applying sewing and design techniques to your project, under expert  tuition.  Some basic sewing experience is beneficial. 


Child Care (Play in Early Years) 

Learn about the importance of play in children’s development and how to apply your new knowledge to your own family or in your job.  This is a great starting point  if you are considering a career in Child Care.


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